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Please enjoy this free mp3, the instrumental version of "Eternal Father, Strong to Save," from STORMWWORKS Chapter 55: Way of the Wanderer. (Control-Click to save the track to your desktop)  Godspeed!  S



Books, w/options! Includes Autograph & Shipping



Get a friend or colleague a STORMWORKS GIFT CARD! for "The Grey" or any Stormwork Item!


Ahab, a Love Story: Find it from me, autographed via Payal drop-down above, or on Amazon: on Barnes & Noble:  on iTunes: at Westwood Book Publishing:


  • IF you or someone you know enjoys pure Love, actual History, intense Adventure!
  • The "Sequel" is being written as we speak, and yes, it's intense!  You'll want in on the whole story, which goes like this:  Ahab, a Love Story, Melville's Moby Dick, Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story.


Christmas Passion is a unique re-imagining of "familiar" Christmas Carols.  Find it from me, autographed via Payal drop-down above, or at CDBaby, iTunes, and SpotifyChristmas Passion Libretto here.  Watch the Christmas Passion Trailer here!


STORMWORKS Chapter 55: Way of the Wanderer is 98-minutes of "intense".  Find it on CDBaby, iTunes, and Spotify Chapter 55: Way of the Wanderer Libretto here.


The GREY (Formal Release on Christmas Day) is an album of intimate "Musical Haikus" by Stephen Melillo. Coming soon to CDBaby, iTunes, and Spotify.  The GREY Libretto here.

Godspeed!  S


PS:  And remember "ONLY for NOW", the first novel, written in the back of Corpus Christi Church when I was 19.  It's a powerful 'coming of age' story for young adults.






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