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Chapter 0: A Walk on the Water


Grade 4-5 | Duration: 6:11

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A new member of the Churchill Center, I received a mailing just yesterday... (22 February). The letter indicated that the United States Navy was soon to commission the first non-U.S. citizen guided missile destroyer DDG 81 in the name of Sir Winston S. Churchill! His photograph by Yousuf Karsh hangs over my desk. A single glance had me instantly calling Commander Keller to find out if the Atlantic Fleet Band was playing for the celebration. Indeed they would be... and joined by the forces of the British Royal Marine Band.

So, with precious little Time, this piece, joined thematically to the A WISH to the WORLD suite was fittingly crafted.

"Never, Never, Never... Never give in." So strong was his courage and faith in a new day, that Winston Churchill requested first TAPS... and then REVEILLE at his memorial service in January of 1965. His favorite hymn, Who Would True Valour See opened the tribute.

William Shakespeare in Henry V, summed just part of the essence of Winston S. Churchill in his St. Crispen's Day Speech. For this reason, Winston's Theme is connected to the American Knights. Indeed his mother was an American, and Winston embodied the very alliance that helped to defeat the forces of Tyranny. When you think of truly great Leaders, it is not possible to forget the tremendous gifts of this most influential master statesman.

This piece, connected to Once More Unto the Breach, a theme which embodies Winston S. Churchill, is dedicated to those of us who look to the forever stalwart, past and present. In them, we find the courage to face the insurmountable again and again and again...

Commander Franken's Letter 2 APR 2001


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