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Chapter III: Wait of the World


Grade: 6 | Duration: 24:20

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"While conducting Steve's Music, I often get the feeling that I am a part of something important, something really meaningful... timeless. His Music is an ode to Love and peace, a prayer to the Divine in all of us. May this document contribute to this purpose." -Maurice Hamers, Conductor

Music from the CD was premiered in Amsterdam's Concertgebouw on 21 April 1999. Many CD's were sold. All proceeds from the concert and STORMWORKS... Chapter THREE CD CD sales went to the Red Cross in support of the Refugees from Kosovo.

WAIT of the WORLD demands a commitment to the designated orchestration. The need for the expressive exceeds the technical demands of the work.

Each passing measure depicts Man's climb through the ages. An ancient architectural code based upon the architecture of the Great Pyramid at Giza reveals the ascent of Humanity through otherwise dark times. The trumpet heralds the new Millennium... where the children shall lead. Still, we await something which has already happened... perhaps something within us. In the final movement, every tonality is explored, save one. Finally, we reach that new key, a symbol of what we wait for while carrying on our shoulders... the weight of the world. Beyond these words, it is difficult for me to describe what for me, can only be said as Music. In this work, over 11 hours of Music called STORMWORKS reaches its temporary conclusion... and its new beginning. Great Music recreates the past, reveals the ever-present, and plots the Human Adventure soon to unfold." -SLM 1997

This piece is for symphonically minded Musicians of superior ability. It was commissioned by Major Maurice Hamers and The Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Please visit the Score and Score Notes for more detailed information.

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