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Grade 3-4


Grade: 3-4 | Duration: 4:33

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THE NATURE OF HOPE... an Epilogue for the Knight! Because of fingering patterns employed in the woodwinds, this piece falls into a grade 3 - 4. Though the brasses are pushed beyond these bounds, there is a logic to the key and the confines of their range. Though the tempo could be slowed to accommodate younger players, it is suggested that a good recording of this work will inspire them to take on the challenge. Inner voice brass will be challenged, but their hard work will allow for a glorious epilogue to the A Wish to the World Suite.

This piece was inspired by a young woman of tremendous Faith. Please visit the Score Notes to understand the technical considerations as well as the motivation for the work.

A Wish to the World is a series of pieces written to inspire the next generation of Heroes. These pieces can be played as a suite across the Music Program in the manner of THE FOUNTAINHEAD and STORMQUEST, or they can be rendered individually.

A Wish to the World is commissioned by Barry Wentz and the Alpena High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble with Ray Reynolds, Director of the Thunder Bay JHS Band, and Keith Hodsgon & The South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble, Mr. Larry White & The Rancho Buena Vista Wind Ensemble in California, Mr. Paul Holzen & the Parkway Northeast Middle School, and the Kentucky Music Educators Association.


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