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Grade 4-5


Grade 4+ with Chorus | Duration: 6:17

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You will only be able to get a Perusal Score from me unless I have copies of the German Publication on hand. Please call to check.

It begins in quiet, with innocence, then tells the story of longing for home as never before... GOD BLESS AMERICA may well be played alone, but as you will see on the Chapter 5:8 CD and see "literally" on the THAT WE MIGHT LIVE DVD, is a most historic and history-making conclusion to Kakehashi: That We Might Live.

Friends... This much beloved version of GOD BLESS AMERICA, as indeed you will see in the testimonials of VETERANS and Conductors below, is neverthless NOT available in The United States of America. Despite the fact that there are over 100 arrangements which have been granted permission, this one has not. The reasons are left to your imagination.

For those of you who appreciate irony, it is available via Thomas Rundel in Germany.

Forty-five minutes before getting on a plane to France, where GOD BLESS AMERICA would be played on OMAHA BEACH, Thomas was able to secure an international permission and license. As I left for OMAHA BEACH, Thomas sent the following email.

"Viel Erfolg in OMAHA BEACH". (Good luck on Omaha Beach.)

Now, see IN EINEM ANDEREN LICHT and view that in a new light as well.

I DO have hard copies of the German-published traditional music sets. This work is NOT available in PDF, but it is possible to order the German edition from STORMWORKS USA.


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