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Jazz and Orchestra

Beyond this Place of Wrath & Tears

Grade: 5-6 | Duration: 8:55

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DOUG MONROE REACTIONS to the Clarinet & Orchestral Version:

"Dear Steve, The Clarinet piece... captures my loneliness. I do not know if the Music is expressing my feelings, or if my feelings echo the Music. This piece resonates in the marrow of my bones. It's just beautiful! I love the cymbal work. The strings will give just the right color to the clarinet in this piece. As I told you before, it is exceptionally expressive. Now that I'm finished for summer, I'm going to start working on it and will play the piano reduction on my fall recital (as well as in Europe next year).

When I first heard this music, I thought "How could he know what I've been through over the past 4 years especially, but at a deeper level, the things I've struggled with all my life?" I hear so much in this piece that talks about my pain and my peace. Wonderful how great art can mean so many things to so many different people. I can't wait to play this in the fall. I am so in awe of your sensitivity and musical gift, man." Doug

and after the rcording...

On Feb 16, 2012, at 12:09 AM, Doug Monroe wrote:

"Hey man...I'm just listening to your piece again now that I've had a bit of time to separate me from recording it. You are so gifted, Steve. I wanted to tell you again how moved I am by your ability to communicate emotions the way you do with your art. I'm in awe. And I'm so fortunate to have been involved with this piece. Thank you. And thank you for your friendship. Yours," Doug

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