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Ahab, a Love Story: Find it from me, autographed via Payal drop-down above, or on Amazon: on Barnes & Noble:  on iTunes: at Westwood Book Publishing:


  • IF you or someone you know enjoys pure Love, actual History, intense Adventure!
  • The "Sequel" is being written as we speak, and yes, it's intense!  You'll want in on the whole story, which goes like this:  Ahab, a Love Story, Melville's Moby Dick, Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story.


Ahab. a Love Story, page 78 from Stephen Melillo on Vimeo.


Christmas Passion is a unique re-imagining of "familiar" Christmas Carols.  Find it from me, autographed via Payal drop-down above, or at CDBaby, iTunes, and Spotify.  Christmas Passion Libretto here Watch the Christmas Passion Trailer here!


STORMWORKS Chapter 55: Way of the Wanderer is 98-minutes of "intense".  Find it on CDBaby, iTunes, and Spotify Chapter 55: Way of the Wanderer Libretto here.


The GREY Libretto hereListen & get it here.

Godspeed!  S


PS:  And remember "ONLY for NOW", the first novel, written in the back of Corpus Christi Church when I was 19.  It's a powerful 'coming of age' story for young adults.