Why We Gather


Some 14-15 years ago, I became re-immersed in something I had heard about briefly as a kid; The Bataan Death March.  Just the title fascinated me, and as you might guess, it became the subject for some Music years…


Personal Message from the Chapter 21 CD Set

19 August - 21 August... The CD Set comes in the 40th Anniversay

Roberto Clemente’s Birthday through the 21st


Personal Message:  A Road Less Traveled


21 years ago, Stormworks Chapter 34: SON of the STORM was composed.   This 88-minute “musical”…


HEARTStorm's Prototype Single




DESPITE ALL ELSE... HERE WE STAND!  is the prototype work by HEARTStorm, composed and orchestrated for combined Symphonic Metal, Chorus, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra and the upcoming "Theatro-Metal™" HEARTStorm CD coming soon.


If you've ever been kicked a…

Why Health? Why Here? With Music?


My name is Steve and I am a Composer. Because of my early work with kids from NYC, and later experiments in eliminating the middleman via at-the-cusp-of-the-internet technologies, I have lived my own American Dream story.  I began at age…


The 2 CD Set, STORMWORKS Chapter 21: WON WAY is currently in production involving Musicians from all over the world aged 9-73! From Austria to Australia, from the US to Germany, with fine Musicians playing intimate solo works to large…

First Official STORMDirector in Australia!

My friends! The previous insane record of online order to customized parts received and into the printer was 3-minutes! THIS was beaten... now listen to this. 2:25!, around the world to David Polain, Conductor of The Police Band of Adeleide,…

Premiere at Carnegie on 26 Feb 2012

For those of you who may be in the area, I have the good fortune of conducting the official world premiere of Pasodobles para Santa Cecilia y los Héroes de España with the Madisonville North Hopkins HS Band from Kentucky.…


Concerto for Violin in The Netherlands

On 28 October, after several live performances, The Concerto for Violin and Orchestra will be recorded.  Previously recorded on the STORMWORKS Chapter 5:8 CD Set: WRITINGS on the WALL  as my own transcription, this recording will be of the original…


Review Excerpt by Joachim Buch

Review Excerpt by Joachim Buch

6 August 2011 Concert concluding one week at the 
Bavarian Music Academy in Marktoberdorf, Germany

"After music for the tapping feet (composer name) and for the head (composer name), the next part of the body…

SW Chapter 21 & Bavarian Music Academy

70 minutes in 3 days.  

We just completed the recording of the STORMWORKS Chapter 21:WON WAY Music
in Austria.  Karl Geroldinger conducted the fine Musicians of SBO-RIED with players ranging from
10 to 73.  An experience FANTASTICHE!

Now, we are