Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story (autographed hardcover)
  • Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story (autographed hardcover)
  • Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story (autographed hardcover)
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“The echoey sounds of stretching and cracking ice filled the inlet.  The surround had become an arena, an eternal, unearthly battleground.  The white whale broke the surface slowly.  Inching forward, it broke the ice ahead of its brow, sending mountainous shards into the starry night.  Carney clutched his ATK.  He spun to Isaac standing at Carney’s right. “Just another hill, Isaac.  Just another damned hill!”

I’m a Composer.  Before studying at the Boston Conservatory of Music, I sat in the back of Corpus Christi Church in Port Chester, New York.  At age 19, and in one long sitting, I penciled, “Only for Now.”

“That’s it,” I thought.  I have divested myself of the burden.  “Now, I must learn about Music.” 

Years later, I composed Ahab, for Actor & Wind Ensemble.  We made a fine recording of the work in Leipzig.  It was ten years to the day after the Wall had come down.  (Stormworks Chapter 2: Wende.)  Actor, Kurtwood Smith enacted all of Ahab’s lines from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

Needing to share more of the backstory, I took to book-writing again and penned Ahab, a Love Story.  Unbridled Romance, Real History, and Adventure combined in a mystery solved. Who was Ahab before the Captain we meet in Melville’s novel?

“Good!” I thought.  “Mission accomplished.  Back to Music.”

On the birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven, the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, and the anniversary of my Mom’s passing, I completed, Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story.  For me, the novel reveals the Pains of History, the longings of Romance and the Human Adventure at its highest. 

Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story completes a trilogy of stories.  Ahab, a Love Story, Melville’s, Moby Dick, and now, Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story.

 Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story, is a novel from my heart to yours.  If you are a fan of Love Stories, Adventures on the High Seas, and Melville’s Moby Dick, this is a must-read. 

Enjoy & Godspeed!

 Stephen Melillo

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