1268, an Experiment in "Re-Cognition."

#1268, Musical Haiku #108 in 4:50 by © Stephen Melillo, IGNA 21 JUN 2021 
(The birthday of hero Composer, Lalo Schifrin)


If you have the Time and the interest, here is an experiment that many of you will find fascinating.  It’s something we all know, but it’s interesting to “see” it.  I’m curious as all heaven to know what YOU experience. 

Here is the track link.  https://stephenmelillo.com/single/38910/1268

“1268” will play in entirety for you, but I hope that you’ll consider buying the track for .99 so that you can listen multiple times, enjoy it for many years to come, and really “play the game.” 

I would love to add your comments.  My email is trialbystorm@gmail.com. 

As artist, Keith Haring said, “The only way art lives is through the experience of the observer. The reality of art begins with the eyes of the beholder, through imagination, invention and confrontation.” 

I simply call it “Re-cognition in the Mirror of Music.” 

Part One of the 1268 experiment:  I shared “1268” with a close circle of friends. Musicians, Directors, Writers, Engineers, Educators, Police Officers, Real Estate Agents, IT people, Doctors and Computer Scientists are part of the mix.  Their reactions to the Music are diverse. 

Here are some of the wide-spread and fascinating reactions:


Person 1: 

“I so wish I could be there when you are laying your thoughts down on score and and choosing textures etc. Your usage of sonic painting is SO evident and I am so elated to be the recipient of your kindness as you enclose these jewels of creativity.” 


Person 2: 

“I thought you would write something much darker.” 


Person 3: 

“This piece has real depth.  Very haunting.  You can feel the hero’s internal struggle.  He's fighting Demons.  The events of the past flicker in his mind in extreme slow motion.   Amazing piece.” 


Person 4: 

It makes me feel the Agony of Humanity……..the Chorus who sings out. 

The four bell tolls… of Time running out, of Time, of History… repeating itself. 

The Shadows Gathering. The Darkness pervading, 

The jarring of dreadful conflict, 

The fear, as we stand on the threshold of impending doom, 

The Pain and Tragedy of the descent of Humanity……. 

But the Sublime Beauty that runs throughout, Weaving Light... 

The Depth of this Beauty, felt and heard….. in each Note, each Timbre….is God 

Our Father who Art in Heaven 

And at the end, as these very last notes Shine through the Darkness

We Know that we are Saved. 

The Sheer Beauty of this Piece… the Strength… the Pathos… the Agonyis indeed beyond Words. 

It is the Music of Our Time 

It is the Cry of Man in the Wilderness. Save us Oh God. 

This Piece is Sacred. 


Person 5: 

“This evening, I Listened again and then again to your latest work. In hearing, I feel in it, the tremendous anguish of both the 1st and 2nd World Wars... The agony I felt was so intense.  It gives a deep pain inside, an unutterable, almost unbearable ache.  But yet the beauty of it is so sublime, it is beyond tears.  And the basses towards the end, vibrate within my chest. It is a crying out to God for meaning.” 


Person 6: 

“It is the Music - the Composition of our Time.”


Person 7: 

“Immense and immersed!” 


Person 8: 

“So dark, so beautiful, and those colors…. man’s prayer to God.” 


Person 9: 

“I pictured King David running from Saul and how alone he felt.  Also, when he had to leave his best friend Jonathan because of the danger of his father Saul wanting to kill David.   It had power and then the feel of struggle mixed with faith.” 


Person 10: 

This is a great piece. Surprisingly simple but rich and moody. If for a film, I could see snowy wintry woods finding an abandoned feudal castle, wind whipping through windows with an occasional shaft of late afternoon sunlight.” 

Persons 11 ad infinitum.  I look forward to YOUR seeing. 

Godspeed!  S

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