14 November 2020, this week in History

14 November 2020 

What a Week it has been… 

This Veterans Day was also the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower Landing.  This week saw the 245th Anniversary of the US Marines, during the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven and the the 335th Anniversary of J.S. Bach.  And today, in 1851, Herman Melville published Moby Dick…a nice SYNC for the prequel & sequel works by yours truly, and coming soon! 

By Contrast, 82 years ago, this past week, was Krystallnacht.  In that light, here is a story. 

At Auschwitz, Lily Ebert was a teenager. She had nothing, not even a piece of paper. 

A liberating American soldier gave her an always-remembered Gift. It was a German banknote on which the soldier had written the words, “As a start to a new life. Good luck and happiness.” 

It was the first act of Kindness Lily could remember.   

At age ninety, while going through some papers with her great grandson, she rediscovered the note. Together, they tracked down the identity of the soldier, Private Hyman Schulman, a Jewish-American soldier who served as a chaplain’s aide. Though Schulman passed on in 2013, Ebert is now in touch with Schulman’s children. 

Everyone needs such an act of Kindness, and the gift of Friendship. 

In that light, “In Einem Anderen Licht.” please accept this sincerely offered scribbling: 

"Happiness, even in the Storms, and Godspeed!”  S

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