Together We Stand Alone, 101st Airborne (Original Soundtrack)

Stephen Melillo

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Film Music depicting the gallantry of Colonel Ed Shames and the 101st Airborne of WWII.

Thanksgiving Day 2017


In 2013, I was the Composer on a documentary made about Colonel Ed Shames and his many experiences with “Easy Company” 506th, P.I.R. 101st Airborne (Band of Brothers) from before the war, into D-Day, through Belgium and Holland, and into Paris after the liberation of the concentration camps.

Several great books have been written about the 101st and Colonel Shames by Ian Gardner. I wholeheartedly recommend them. They are perhaps the best books I have read on WWII history. They are vivid, masterfully told, historic accounts of the 101st, and beyond the Colonel himself, provided much of the inspiration for this brief Musical tribute.

Written in 2013, I had forgotten about the Music until 2 simultaneous events occurred in “SYNC!”

  1. I was working on another film project and had written a piece called “Together We Stand.” When doing a search on the desktop, “Together We Stand Alone” popped up!

  2. I had been invited, once again, to meet with Colonel Shames just 3 days from conducting that search!

Wow. It seemed like Fate was guiding the moment beyond mere “coincidence.”

To date, the documentary has not been distributed, though indeed it was completed and presented to Colonel Shames and his wife, Ida, for whom, “I Dreamed of Love” was written. I felt it was Time to share this Music and brought the Colonel some CDs! In one the photos, ( you’ll see that on 16 NOV 2017, he signed the CD Cover with the very Gold Pen that Ida had sent to him during the War. That Pen, that story had inspired the piece.

Now, this Music, from promo-spots to the “Theme of the 101st Airborne” is shared with you. I’ve also included “MIDWAY” soon to be recorded by Das Musikkorps der Bundeswehr. I hope you’ll invest in the Music and share the link with your friends, family and colleagues. Please enjoy this Music offered in tribute to those who have given so much.

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving & Godspeed! Stephen Melillo, Composer

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