Suggested Reading from the STORM...


For those of you who wish to more fully understand the body of work called "STORM" Works, or for those of you who wish to be more readily armed and prepared as an Educator and Defender of Music's important role in the curriculum, this non-exhaustive list of books is offered. Many of these very fine books will change the way you look at Music and all else...

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MOBY DICK... by Herman Melville. Of course, you must learn about the piece AHAB, as rendered by the Rundfunk Blasorkester Leipzig with Kurtwood Smith as Ahab.

Abie & Abbie (a Love Story & Screenplay) ... by Stephen Melillo (at iTunes Bookstore)

Ways of Knowing (Curriculum Guide) ... by Stephen Melillo (at iTunes Bookstore)

Nogard & Dragon ... by Stephen Melillo (at iTunes Bookstore)

Only for Now ... by Stephen Melillo (at iTunes Bookstore)

Music to Picture ... by Stephen Melillo (at iTunes Bookstore)

Nexus ... by Mark Buchanan

David & Goliath ... by Malcolm Gladwell

George Washington's Secret Six ... by Don Yaeger

Here's Looking at Euclid ... by Alex Bellos

Fractal Time ... by Gregg Braden

The Imperial Cruise ... by James Bradley

In the Ruins of Empire ... by Ronald H. Spector

Kokoro... by Natsume Soseki.

Comrade J... by Pete Earley.

How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci... by Michael J. Gelb.

Start With Why... by Simon Sinek.

The Lost Diary... by David P. Mancini.

The Forgotten Dead... by Ken Small.

OUTLIERS... by Malcolm Gladwell. If you are an Educator or anywhere within the "sphere of another Soul's influence," you need to read this book.

That We Might Live... by Grace C. Nash. I did not know this book existed until long after writing both THAT WE MIGHT LIVE and KAKEHASHI: That We Might Live. And the SYNC? It's enormous!

The War of Art... by Steven Pressfield

The Alchemist, The Zahir, and The Pilgrimage... by Paulo Cohelo

The Time of Our Singing... by Richard Powers, who also wrote The Gold Bug Variations. I believe this author to be a genius. His insights about history and family and culture interwoven with Music are remarkable. I recommend this book highly, especially to Music Educators and students.

The Vikings... by Yves Cohat

Lone Star Rising... by William C. Davis

Texian Iliad... by Stephen L. Hardin

The Taking... by Dean Koontz

The Unfettered Mind... by Takuan Soho (translated by William Scott Wilson)

Bruce Lee: Expressing the Human Body... compiled by John Little

SEA of GLORY... by Ken Wales & David Poling

The Five People You Meet in Heaven... Mitch Albom

Flyboys... by James Bradley

The December Ship... by Betty B. Jones

Late Summer of 1941 and My War With Japan... by Weldon Hamilton

Through the Valley of the Kwai, (rereleased as To End All Wars...) by Ernest Gordon

The 47 Ronin Story... by John Allyn

A Book of Five Rings... by Miyamoto Musashi

Musashi... by Eiji Yoshikawa

SYNC... by Steven Strogatz

The Science of Good & Evil... by Michael Shermer

The Heart of Music... by Salvatore Princiotti

Light Music... by Kathleen Ann Goonan

What Time Is It?... by Yogi Berra

The Complete Works of Raphael Sabatini

From the Corner of His Eye... by Dean Koontz

Physics & Music... by White & White

The Chinese, Their History & Culture... by Kenneth Scott Latourette

Double Life... by Miklos Rozsa

A Brief History of Time... by Stephen Hawking

The Intangibles of Music... by Edward S. Lisk

Late Night Thoughts Listening to Mahler's 9th... by Lewis Thomas

The Medusa & The Snail... by Lewis Thomas

The Lives of a Cell... by Lewis Thomas

Film Music... by Roy M. Prendergrast

The Tao of Pooh... by Benjamin Hoff

Godel, Escher, Bach... by Douglas R. Hofstadter

I am a Strange Loop ... by Douglas R. Hofstadter

Frankenstein... by Mary Shelley

The Creators... by Daniel J. Boorstin

The Discoverers... by Daniel J. Boorstin

Crossing the Threshold of Hope... by John Paul II

Great Dialogues of Plato... compiled by W.H.D. Rouse

Walking on Water... Madeleine L'Engle

Tao Te Ching... by Lao-Tzu

The Prophet... by Kahlil Gibran

Desiderata... by Max Ehrmann

The Dancing Wu Li Masters... Gary Zukav

The Tao of Physics... by Fritjof Capra

The Story of the Other Wise Man... Henry Van Dyke

Jonathan Livinsgton Seagull... Richard Bach

The Giving Tree... by Shel Silverstein

The Velveteen Rabbit... by Margey Williams

Flatland... by Edwin Abbott Abbott

Zero... by Charles Seife

Universal Foam... by Sidney Perkowitz

From Atoms to Quarks... by James S. Trefil

The Gold Bug Variations... by Richard Powers

The Universe Below ... by William J. Broad

The Harp of Burma by Michio Takeyama

WARTIME TRILOGY : Out of the Smoke / Into the Smother / The Sword and the Blossom, by Ray Parkins

Surrender and Survival, The Experience of American POW's in the Pacific, 1941-1945 by Kerr, E. Bartlett

Death March: The Survivors of Bataan by Knox, Donald

Soon To be published: "The Zentsujians" by Roger Mansell