For the Summer of 2013, an 11-year-old Spencer and a 7-year-old Shafer were asked, "What do you want to do this summer?" 

Without delay, Spencer said, "I want to build a boat." 

With no idea of how that was done, we started reading books, building models, watching videos, and finally getting the plans for "The Champlain," designed by Jeff Spira. (  Next, we researched, bought hand tools, clamps, etc., and building materials, then just went for it. 

Ten days after we began, the SS SIGILLO was complete.  An ex-POW of 4 NAZI prison camps, The "SS SIGILLO" was named after Dame Mary "Sigillo" Barraco, a freedom fighter knighted by Belgium for her service in WWII. The film was projected at her 90th birthday party. She was given a photo of the boat and asked to visit us for the first launch. We asked her to Christen it. 

Today, Spencer is a Naval Architect Major at Virginia Tech. He is number 1 in his department and in the top 5% of the entire school.  Yesterday we visited a very fine Naval Architectural firm for an internship and then employment.  I have never known anyone to grab onto such a rare field of study at the age of 11 and then stick with it with such Passion. 

Here is the Time-lapsed film of BOAT BUILD 2013, the making the SS SIGILLO

A free book documenting the building is on the iTunes Bookstore. ( The Music is a combination of "Without Warning" and portions of "Godspeed!" Enjoy & Godspeed! S