Dwegons & Leprechauns (Original Motion Picture Score)

Stephen Melillo & Sofia Symphoniker

Original Motion Picture Score to the animated feature, "Dwegons and Leprechauns," with Music performed by the Sofia Symphoniker, Composed, Orchestrated & Conducted by Stephen Melillo

Hi, I’m Tom Walsh. I co-wrote and later directed, Dwegons & Leprechauns to take film audiences on a magical adventure to worlds never seen before, filled with fun creatures that instead of scaring kids are lovable and caring of people. Colorful worlds make people feel good and in Dwegonland you can get lost in a universe of fantastical colors. It makes you happy and provides a nice break from our not-so-happy real world. However; Picture is only one part. To bring a magical world to Life, you need the right Music! Stephen Melillo wrote a wonder-filled score that transports you and makes you feel great inside. He took my vision of this world and gave it even greater dimension. You will feel energized and magical when you sit back and listen to this wonderful fun Music Score! Thanks so much, Steve!

Dwegons & Leprechauns was composed and orchestrated averaging 6.5 minutes per day. After scoring 106 minutes, it was discovered that the print was in the wrong frame rate. The entire score needed to be redone. Cues like Dvargon Hell & The Battle for Dwegonland, recorded as one piece and having 88 critical hit points needed new math and Music. I got to score Tom’s film twice, and... IT WAS FUN! When we got to Reel 6 the second time, Tom called and said, “I just want you to write me a concert! You have total freedom.”

These are incredible words coming from any Director-Producer, and in this case, a Fightin’-Irish Lad who invested so much of himself across the many years!

In addition to my kids, this Music is dedicated to Tom Walsh, whose vision, inspiration and fun direction led to a Musical portrayal of his own special, Good-hearted, kid-friendly, color-filled world. Writing the Music, with my kids often watching, I knew Tom had made something from and to the Hearts of all Children... of all ages. I hope you will enjoy this Musical version of the Dwegons & Leprechauns Adventure. Thanks for listening again and again. Godspeed! Stephen Melillo

In 2016, Stephen’s 4th Symphony was nominated for the Pulitzer and Nemmers Prize in Music. Winner of three 2009 Telly & Ava Awards for his 2005 Visualized Concert: THAT WE MIGHT LIVE, Stephen’s concert-version was also nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Music. His 15 feature film scores include the Oscar-nominated 12:01PM, and most recently, The UNWILLING. An ASCAP Concert Awards recipient each year since 1992, Stephen's more than 1140 works include 4 symphonies, several concerti and over 33-hours of Music for Ensembles of the 3rd Millennium™. With 28 CDs and 6 books on iTunes, and simply by word-of-mouth, Stephen’s pioneering, self-publishing entity known as STORMWORKS has gone from 0 to many thousands of worldwide renderings since 1992.

Digital Libretti here: stormworld.com/DigitalLibretti/

More complete BIO on stephenmelillo.com

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