Nogard & Dragon (interactive story for Children of all ages)
  • Nogard & Dragon (interactive story for Children of all ages)
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Nogard & Dragon downloads to your desktop as an interactive PDF. The Music tracks are embedded within the PDF.

Dragon must find Nogard, the Keeper of the Book of Truefire. In his/her (Dragon's gender is avoided) quest, Dragon must guard against the Darkseekers and their leader, Mulicarmeisher. Dragon finds Nogard and together, they release the secrets of the Book.

Like Peter & the Wolf, this illustrated story is narrated to a 21-minute piece of Music, which is divided into 4 parts or Journals.

The suite, “STORMQuest,” from the STORMWORKS, is a Musical portrayal of this story, composed and orchestrated for young band and/or strings.

Enjoy & Godspeed!
Stephen Melillo Composer

PS: Be sure to "allow" Acrobat to access all of the embedded Music track files.

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