Parable of the Runner!

Once there was a Woman in a race… Her training put her far in front of the other runners.  After she crossed the finish line.. (in her mind there was no such thing)… she waited for the media and camera crew to catch up.

They didn’t.

Instead, the judges called the 2nd-place runner, who was miles behind, to be in first place.  To conceal the false victory, and any hope of discovery to the contrary, Runner #2, with the help of media contacts, hired assassins to shoot and bury Runner #1.

They failed.

Runner #1 tried speaking up some years later… but the victory was never recorded.  You see, Runner #1 was SO fast that she crossed their finish line without ever breaking the tape.  It was her gung fu training you see.  “Cleave the water but leave no broken water in your path."

All those many years ago, and even unto this day, Runner #1 had dodged the bullet by outrunning the assassins.  Searching for fellow Runners, she now runs in the mountains, in the forests, and on the beaches, far from crowds, cameras, assassins, and finish line tapes.

Godspeed!  S


“There is definitely more risk in ART… and especially in Noble Art, left virtuous and un-compromised by Accountants or Agents.  I’ve always thought that the easiest job could be found in the life of a Boxer.  Winning and Losing are tangible, pragmatic events, and in a 3-minute round, there is plenty of feedback about training and diet.  Compare that to the life of an Artist… who succeeds, but might never know it, who falls consistently short and yet is lifted up. — Stephen Melillo, Boy, writer of Music, lover of food.”

End Credit Music…. “There’s a Place for us…”

The film Version!