From the recording Music from 12:01PM

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Music from 12:01PM, an Academy Award Nominated short film by Jonathan Heap.

Music, Composed, Orchestrated & Conducted by © Stephen Melillo, IGNA 31 DEC 1989.

This suite of mostly 1st-take cues from 12:01PM, starring Kurtwood Smith, was rediscovered on a recent ¼-inch tape transfer.
 Composed for a small Orchestra, the score for “Always the Return,” the End Titles Music, may be investigated here. (Please scroll until you see it.)

1201PM was recorded by John Richards at Evergreen Studio in Los Angeles, on 27 January 1990. Many thanks to John, to Studio owner & Harpist, Gayle Levant, Music Supervisor, John Caper, and the 26 fine Musicians who sight-read the score.

Enjoy & Godspeed! S