The First Music Send: 17 AUG 1992


17 AUGUST 1992 
The First Transmission of a Score & Set of Parts (before PDF) from a Self-Publishing Composer or any Music Publisher.



“I have a vivid memory of standing by the fax machine at the old Sandefjord Music School and communicating with you in real-time. I remember being amazed that you were even up (it must have been three a.m. on the east coast). My surprise at this definitely puts it before your first visit to Norway ('92?). I also remember the incredible turn-around on the pdf (eps) piece. It was indeed 7 hours from the order until the piece was modemed over, printed and on the stands.



SLM on recent order to Scottie: 

"Do you realize, that in this writing, you and I have come full circle?  I sent you Music using a MODEM.  It was in EPS and sent in advance of the invention of PDF.  It was a First.  In 7 hours, (oy!) you had it copied and on the stands. I remember speaking in real time as events unfolded.  In the STORMDatabase, it was 17 AUGUST 1992.  You had ordered first Stormworks, and then also The Fountainhead, and then the Function Chorales™.

What a Great Journey!  And Thank you for the record!

Godspeed!  S

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