The Story of Mrs. Han & Stormworks

for 21 March 2020 
On the Birthday of JS Bach 
“The Story of Mrs. Han & Stormworks” 


Several years ago, we made “the rounds” to our favorite Sushi lady, Mrs. Han.  Something was different.  Above her beautiful smile and always kind eyes was a slightly shaven head. 

“What happened, Mrs. Han?” 

“Oh, I was in car accident.”  She spoke softly as she prepared Sushi and with a heavy Korean accent. 

“Really? What happened?” 

Mrs. Han explained how she had been in an automobile accident.  She had banged her head against the windshield.  At the hospital, the doctors gave her an MRI.  They discovered a tumor in the exact spot of the concussion. 

“So in other words,” said a smiling Steve in front of his then young Sons, “you HAD to have that accident in order to discover the tumor?” 

“Yes, this is so.” 

She explained that the early discovery of the tumor most likely saved her life.  At that point she pointed to the crucifix displayed in her restaurant.   

On the way home, I told other stories, personal ones from my own life, to my Sons.  “Often you’re too close to the slap in the face,” I said.  “What appears in the close-up to be a tragedy, a setback, an inconvenience, is often times a Gift when the camera pulls far enough back.  There’s a bigger picture.” 

And why is Mrs. Han’s Story and Stormworks the same Story?  Because the Stormworks are about Storms and the inevitable return to Light “after” those Storms. 

Now in One Place!  Music about the “Bigger Picture.” 

As of today, 33 of 48 Discs, totaling 37 hours & 18 minutes of Music, are all in one place.  Much to explore!  Much yet to come!  Many free pieces to download as well. 

ENJOY & Godspeed!  S

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